Registration guide

RSSRAIL 2022 Conference Registration Fee Payment Guide

The conference will be held in Paris [only in-person] – June 1st and 2nd, 2022. The online payment system by credit card is managed by Gustave Eiffel University, and it is not specific to the conference. Therefore, we ask you to pay attention to how to fill in the different fields of this form.

0- Registration link

• The registration link:

Click on "english version", if the page is not in english: the icon is on up-right of the page


1- Personal data (Surname, first name, email address and possibly date of birth)





• You must fill the following mandatory fields for registeration.

• Surname / Company name

• Email address






2- Reason for payment





• Be sure to select « Conférence RSSRAIL 2022 » in front of « Reason for payment»

• Early bird registration deadline : 10 May 2022

• Enter the right rate, depending on your situation.

3- Reference transfer


a) In the Refence transfer field, enter the folowing information: « RSSRAIL2022_Name_ registration type_paper ID ».

In case, you are not a presenter please write “Participant” as the paper ID.

Examples: Presenter: RSSRAIL_Dupuis_Student_5431 Participant:

RSSRAIL_Dupuis_Standard_Participant (When the name is «Dupuis»)

b) In the comment you can enter your personal requests, such as :

• Disability specific needs,

• Any specific request. Vegetarian, uses a wheelchair, …





4- Payment Cancelation Cancelation policy:



a) Once the form is completed, you can pay by credit card, and you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your payment.

b) In case you chose student rate or one-day registration, you must send us via Email the proof of your choice for registration rate:

• Copy of student card

• Day of Registration (the date)

• Once the verification is done, you will receive a confirmation email of your registration.



Unpaid reservations or reservation with wrong rate will be cancelled by the organizing committee 2 weeks after they have been made. The organizing committee must be notified in writing of cancellation of registration. Please send possible changes for registrations and cancellations by Email